“personal data” policy – website

Vilmorin-Mikado pays particular attention to protecting personal data. The objective of the present policy is to explain clearly and transparently how Vilmorin-Mikado collects and processes such data when its website (hereinafter “Website") is being used .

The commitments made correspond to Vilmorin-Mikado’s inherent values and principles. Vilmorin-Mikado affirms that your personal data is collected and processed in a manner compliant with European Regulation 2016/679 relating to protection of personal data.  Thus Vilmorin-Mikado is committed to collecting and processing the personal data of employees and third parties solely for specific and legitimate uses, in line with the purpose of the processing undertaken. Only pertinent and necessary information will be recorded with a view to achieve the desired objectives. Vilmorin-Mikado undertakes to respect the principle of retaining data for a limited period, as well as the right to consultation, the right to rectification, the right to portability, the right to erasure and the right to object. Vilmorin-Mikado guarantees the security, confidentiality and integrity of personal data of its associates and third parties.

Moreover, Vilmorin-Mikado commits to respecting legislation relating to the protection of personal data of the countries in which it operates.

To monitor the proper application of these principles, Vilmorin-Mikado has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), as a specialized interlocutor for personal data protection. For any matters concerning personal data protection, you may email the following address: dpo-vmk@vilmorinmikado.com.

1-      Scope of application

This policy relating to the confidentiality and protection of data of a personal nature (or personal data policy) applies to the Vilmorin-Mikado Website and to the data of a personal nature (or personal data) collected solely by the said Website.

2- The personal data that Vilmorin-Mikado collects

Vilmorin-Mikado processes data of a personal nature that you provide directly on the Website and data that is automatically collected.

The personal data that Vilmorin-Mikado collects on the Website is used to manage relationships and to process your requests. Vilmorin-Mikado processes personal data solely for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes.

The table below shows all the personal information that we may collect in respect of your use of the Website. Therefore we inform you of the following:

  • The purpose of processing: the main objective for using personal data;
  • The type of data: the personal data that we process;
  • The legal basis of processing: all processing of personal data must respect one of the six legal bases established by the regulations relating to protection of such data, namely consent, legitimate interest, execution of a contract, legal obligation, vital interest and fulfilment of a mission in the public interest or relating to the exercise of public authority;
  • How long the personal data is retained;
  • The recipients of the personal data, i.e. which persons may be made aware of them.

Purposes of processing personal data

The personal data collected via the “Contact” form

  • Type of data processed

Your surname
Your first name
Your country
Your email
Your company
Your message when this contains one or more items of personal data.

  • Legal basis (bases) of processing

Legitimate interest. Vilmorin-Mikado uses this data in order to assist you and answer your questions, and to promote its products.

  • Length of time for which data is retained

Personal data is retained for as long as necessary to allow us to process your request. Once these have been processed, we shall delete the communication data collected within a period of six (6) months. The data used for promotion purposes is retained for three years.

  • Recipient(s) of personal data

In order to be aware of your request, the Communication department needs to access your information. Following your request, your information may be transferred within the Vilmorin-Mikado Group. Your data will be received only by those persons qualified to do so in order to process your request.

Vilmorin-Mikado may collect information automatically as you navigate our Website. The following information is collected:

  • Details of how you navigated the Website
  • Your IP address
  • Your web browser
  • Your operating system

A specific cookie policy is set out in detail here. Vilmorin-Mikado invites you to make yourself aware of it.

3- How long your datais retained

Vilmorin-Mikado affirms that the period for which your data is retained is determined by and adapted to the purpose of such processing, and is in compliance with legal, accounting or reporting obligations.

Vilmorin-Mikado defines the period for which your data is retained in accordance with the recommendations of current regulations relating to personal data protection and those of the CNIL (National Commission on IT and Freedoms). If Vilmorin-Mikado needed to retain personal data for a longer period than recommended, Vilmorin-Mikado would undertake an impact study and inform users in this regard.

4- Storage of your personal data

Information that you provide us with is stored on secure servers.

Nevertheless, the very nature of the Internet and the risks associated with transmission of information via the Internet mean that it is not possible to guarantee that data can be made totally secure.

5- Recipients of your personal data

The recipients of your personal data are exclusively limited to the persons entitled to access this data on the basis of their functions and/or your requests.

At any event, and unless stated otherwise in the table above, the following persons may be aware of your personal data:

  • Vilmorin-Mikado: your personal data may be transmitted within Vilmorin-Mikado, and possibly within companies of the Limagrain Group, to which Vilmorin-Mikado belongs. Such transmission will always be in line with the initially intended purpose.
  • Subcontractors: service providers contracted to maintain the Website may have access to this data when providing these services.

Due to the international character of the company, Vilmorin-Mikado may have occasion to transfer your personal data within the Limagrain Group outside the European Union. Consequently, Vilmorin-Mikado undertakes to carry out these transfers providing appropriate guarantees, in compliance with article 46 of Regulation 2016/679 on data protection.

6- Security of your personal data

Vilmorin-Mikado guarantees the security of the personal data of its associates and third parties.

To this end, Vilmorin-Mikado implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the integrity, confidentiality and security of such personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access.

7- Your rights regarding your personal data

Vilmorin-Mikado collects personal data about you. This means that you have a number of rights as regards these data, namely:

  • The right to information
  • The right to access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erasure
  • The right to opposition
  • The right to restriction of processing
  • The right to portability

We invite you to familiarize yourself with these rights at the following web address: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/les-droits-pour-maitriser-vos-donnees-personnelles

You can exercise your rights by sending an email to: dpo-vmk@vilmorinmikado.com or by writing to this address:

Vilmorin-Mikado – Data Protection Officer – Route du Manoir – 49250 La Ménitré – France.

If, after contacting us, you think that your rights under the French IT and Freedoms Act are not being respected or the access control procedure does not comply with data protection rules, you can make a complaint online or write a letter to the CNIL.

8- Modification to confidentiality policy

Vilmorin-Mikado may modify this personal data confidentiality policy at any time. Any such modification will be specifically announced on the Website homepage before it comes into effect.

If, at any time, we decided to use personal information in a manner not stated at the time it was collected, we would inform you by email or via your Vilmorin-Mikado account, in order to obtain your consent if the law requires it. We would continue to enable its processing in accordance with the initially stated purpose.

Last update 15 November 2021.