To be in accordance with our quality policy, we use the best tools and methodologies of analysis to test the seeds we offer on the market. Therefore, purity, viability and germination are rigorously evaluated in our laboratories. We also conduct some trials under greenhouse to be as close as possible to the real sprouting conditions. Seed lots which do not reach the quality standards are discarded.qualite labo

    A highly skilled staff has worked on technical and specific processes such as priming, scarification, stratification or coating, in order to meet our customers' high requirements.

     Seed quality is also expressed through its genetics: working in close collaboration with research institutes, we bring to our forestry seeds improved traits such as straightness or growth, while preserving a great genetic diversity, guaranteeing the adaptability to climate change. Regarding fruit rootstocks and some varieties of ornament, a large breeding program allows us to offer homogenous seeds for one or more traits, for example, grafting compatibility. This genetic quality is validated by several programs: EU and INFEL fruit certifications, and different levels of forestry certification, including the German ZÜFF program and the Genetic Diversity Charter.

    Quality is also traceability, that is why we use an advanced software allowing an optimal traceability for all commercialized lots. In this way, each seedlot can be followed, from the harvested plot to the seedling.