Seed Quality


     To be in accordance with its quality policy, Vilmorin gave itself the best tools and methodologies of analysis to test the seeds we offer on the market. Therefore, purity and germination are rigorously evaluated in our laboratories. We also conduct some trials under greenhouse in order to be as close as possible to the real sprouting conditions. Seedlots which do not reach the imposed quality levels are definitely discarded.

    A highly skilled staff has worked on technical and specific processes such as priming, scarification, stratification or coating, in order to meet our customers' high requirements.

     Quality is not only germination, it is also genotype expression. And since we closely work with French research institutes, we can give answers to industrial needs. We select the trees for the future and plant seed orchards,  components of which have been chosen to get the largest genetic range for the benefit of seed production biodiversity.

     However, quality is also traceability, that is why Vilmorin has invested in a new advanced software allowing an optimal traceability for all commercialized lots. This way, we are able to trace the whole historical path for a seedlot from the fresh harvested seed to the plant used to reforest, allowing us to give a total guarantee on the origin and genetic of our seeds.


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