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   With more than 250 years of knowledge in seed selection and production, VILMORIN, one of Limagrain's subsidiaries, became the best partner for many professionals in the world of vegetable.

   This website is especially dedicated to our Tree and Shrub seed activity, one of our more tenacious passion : many species, spread over european landscape, have been introduced then diffused by VILMORIN, like the Red oak, Tulip tree, Butterfly bush, Spanish fir, Dove tree, etc...

   We trade today a wide range of over 300 species and 600 varieties, constantly renewed and adapted to the needs of our professional customers. They are mainly nurseries : fruit, ornamental or forest plant growers.


   Our seeds are collected just as well in natural areas as they are in seed orchards. In both cases, we take care of preserving a high biodiversity level, which is the only way to get a good potential adaptation to the climate change or parasite pressure.

   Production in seed orchard allows us to improve some characters : rootstocks are selected for their agronomic qualities, good grafting acceptance, and virus free certification. Some ornamental varieties are the result of a long term selection to get one special character like, for instance, a purple foliage. Forest varieties are selected on vigor, branching, later blooming, disease resistance, etc...

   All this selection work is very time consuming and also requires means. Thus, they are ran in partnership with many different world famous research institutes like the INRA (National Institute for Agronomical Research).

   Furthermore, we have to remind the very valuable contribution of seed technology, allowing us to offer today a wide range of prepared seeds ready to sow, including species well known for their difficulty to germinate.


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